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Laser Systems

Open the door to creative expression and fashion possibilities. Laser Systems utilize a digital representation of the end effect creating even the most intricate designs with 100% repeatability. Any pattern or image that can be created via a standard computer-based imaging product such as Photoshop™, Illustrator™ or others can be recreated on many textile products.

In order to maintain a competitive edge, it is imperative to react rapidly and more efficiently to ever- changing market trends. With our Laser Systems, it’s as easy as creating the new desired effect on your desktop and letting the laser do the rest. Now you can test your new effects with very limited manufacturing runs without incurring high development costs.

Lasers can process many different materials such as acrylic, plastic, wood, vinyl, glass, neoprene, rubber and some soft metals. The decorating of these materials is made possible by the high level of technology. Beam size and quality is critical to the successful processing of many of theses materials.

Radian Laser System
Radian Laser System
Graphixscan 500
FB Series 700


For more information and pricing on our Laser Systems, visit one of the above links, or contact:

Manoj Bakshi
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