Impact USA Ultra Compact X2 DTF Printer Package

Ultra Compact x2 Head Printer & Shaker Package

The 24" Impact ULTRA Direct to Film printer is your perfect high-end DTF printer option with 2 i3200 printheads, an intelligent head strike sensor, and a more compact size in comparison to other printers with similar performance.  View TDS

What's Included with the package:

  • Impact Ultra Compact 24" Printer & Shaker
  • Fume Extractor
  • Starter ink, 1 Liter EA. CMYKW
  • 1 Package - 5kg DTF Medium Powder 
  • 1 Roll - 24"x100m Premium Double Matte Warm/Hot Peel Film
  • DTF RIP Software
  • 90-day Limited Warranty (User error voids warranty.)
  • Support

Technical Specs

24" Maximum print width

2 Epson i3200 Printheads (2xCMYK - 2xWWWW) 

6 Pass and 8 Pass Print Resolution  

Speed: 30+ 10"x10" prints per hour 

1 Liter per color ink bottle capacity / white ink recycling 

Easy access doors 

Printer  64" W x 31" L x 51" H 

Shaker  76" L x 42" W x 28" H 

A/C 220v 20amps Regulated L6-20 Style outlet. 2 Dedicated circuits (1 for printer and 1 for dryer) 

Climate control set to 70-75 degrees and 40 - 60% humidity 

Typical learning time is 6 - 20 hours over a period of 1 week. 

Vent to the outside with exhaust fan. 

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