Mini-Hot Box Dryer

Named "HOT BOX" for its ample screen capacity. This compact dryer is ideal for small or medium shops that have limited space. It is a real production booster. It has never been as easy to set up a maximum efficiency and flexible screen production drying area. Depending on your screen capacity and screen processing layout needs, this versatile drying chamber can hold a variety of screen sizes -- does not need to be adjusted or anything! This system is as simple -- place your screens inside (up to 10 different sized screens) and press start! Benefits Significantly reduces exposure, developing and printing problems caused by changing humidity levels in screen-making and printing areas Better screen processing through closely controlled drying Stencil life extended because the stencil is thoroughly dry before exposure and printing Reductions in rejects and touch-up caused by dust contamination Gasket Sealed Door Preventing Air Leakage Can hold up to 10 different sized/shaped screens

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