SWR Series – Automatic Reclaiming Systems

The SWR series is our High Performance fully automated conveyorized reclaiming system. SWR systems are custom built to accommodate any screen size and can perform a wide variety of tasks such as ink removal, emulsion removal, dehazing, degreasing, and drying. Formats: Large, Medium, and Textile Formats Available. Some of the Key Features Include: One-Step System—Removes Ink & Emulsion, Dehazes, Degreases, and Dries Screens. Fully Enclosed Housing—Enclosed housing minimizes occupational exposure to chemicals. Keeps water and moisture contained for a cleaner working environment. Reduced Noise—Fully Enclosed construction allows for quieter operation. Programmable—Microprocessor controlled conveyor system provides optimum control. Cartridge Configurations—Customizable to handle specified screen sizes. Built-In Exhaust System—Ventilates unit after each cycle, reducing atomization within the screen department. Built to your Specification System Capabilities: Capacity: 1,200-2,000 Screens Daily, Internal Housing: 18- 25 Screens, Screen Size: Up to Customer Requirements, Optional: Screen Loader up to 10-15 Screens, Screen Unloader up to 15-20 Screen

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