QT-DISCHARGE is specially formulated to resist discharge inks and is compatible with water-based and plastisol inks too. It requires fewer coats than 925WR or 995WR, dries more quickly, and exposes faster. QT-DISCHARGE has a high (45%) solids content, providing good stencil build per coat, excellent mesh bridging of coarse mesh, and fast drying. It utilizes a powder diazo (rather than 925WR's syrup), and requires no UPS shipping up-charge.


  • Compatible with virtually all water-based inks and plastisols textile inks
  • Powder diazo powder, not syrup has no hazardous shipping restrictions
  • Formulated for use with discharge inks
  • Durability can be extended with Hardener D
  • Fast exposing means more stencil throughput in high volume shops
  • Can be used with weak light sources
  • High (45%) solids content dries quickly; good build-up per coat
  • Lower Rz value yields sharper printed edges
  • Occupationally and environmentally friendly
  • Virtually odorless and VOC-free
  • biodegradable
  • High contrast red color for easier touchups


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